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    I provide individual counseling for older children, adolescents and teens. Counseling with me is comfortable, and often times fun! I enjoy incorporating art therapy techniques, sand tray therapy techniques and games into my work with clients.

    Play Therapy:

    “Play is their language. Toys are their words.” – Gary Landreth

    Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate way for children to process and express their feelings. We will use toys, art, games and activities to grow and work towards therapeutic goals. Through play, children can learn to express emotions, enhance social skills and build self-confidence.

    Canine Assisted Therapy:

    "The best therapist has fur and four legs." - Oliver Thomas

    Canine Assisted Therapy involves incorporating a therapy dog as a partner in the therapy process. I am certified as an Animal Assisted Counselor through Texas State University’s Animal Assisted Counseling Academy. My professional therapy dog, Cleo, and I work together to help clients work toward goals with the use of animal assisted interventions.